Bladder Relief 911 Reviews: Only True Facts Revealed!

Bladder Relief 911 is a one-of-a-kind product developed to address the issue of weak bladder and painful urination. Urinary incontinence (enuresis) is a fairly common and delicate problem that causes serious psychological and physical discomfort. The severity of enuresis varies from a small leak of urine during coughing or sneezing to a sudden and very strong urge to urinate, which is difficult to keep to get to the toilet.

Although enuresis is more common in older people, it is not an inevitable consequence of aging. To get rid of this problem, in most cases, it is enough just to change your lifestyle or undergo pharmaceutical therapy. However, there is an even safer and more effortless option – Bladder Relief 911. Keep reading to know more about this product!

Bladder Relief 911: What’s It For?

Bladder Relief 911 is developed to address urinary incontinence, also known as enuresis or weak bladder. Nine times out of ten, this condition is provoked by pathogenic microorganisms accumulated in the bladder and damaging its tissues. The Bladder Relief 911 dietary supplement is supposed to address this problem in a matter of weeks.

As for the product’s health effects, the list includes the next:

  • Bladder Relief 911 prevents cellular damage.
  • It eliminates bad bacteria.
  • The dietary supplement restores the normal microflora of the urinary tract.
  • Bladder Relief 911 eases painful sensations during urination.
  • It promotes immunity.
  • The product alleviates an inflammatory state.

What’s So Special About Its Formula?

Bladder Relief 911 contains only those ingredients beneficial for the urinary tract and the bladder. Addressing these organs in complex, the supplement is able to suppress enuresis (provoked by stress or pathogenic bacteria) and prevent its possible outbreaks in the future. Thus, the formula includes:

Hibiscus flower The beneficial properties of hibiscus flowers are due to their chemical composition. Juicy flowers are rich in fruit acids, trace elements, and bioflavonoids. Flowers contain a special substance called quercetin, which has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision. Hibiscus flowers are often included in herbal teas for people whose eyes are under heavy stress. This substance sharpens vision and relieves fatigue from the eyes during prolonged work at the computer. The sour drink is recommended for artists, photographers, and professionals for whom it is important to have good eyesight.
Hibiscus flowers contain vitamins B, C, P, which makes Sudanese rose petal tea useful for seasonal colds. The petals of the plant contain twice as much vitamin C as the well-known oranges. With a cold, a Sudanese rose drink is a natural remedy to reduce fever. Flowers contain 13 amino acids, 6 of which are essential. Tea contains antioxidants that prevent the formation of tumors, rejuvenate the body. Hibiscus will be useful for people suffering from insomnia or neurotic diseases.
Hibiscus tea is good for the digestive tract, it normalizes metabolism and stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, and kills toxic microflora in the intestines. Since the flowers do not contain oxalic acid, the drink can be consumed even by people with kidney disease. Hibiscus tea is useful for diseases of the pancreas and liver. There is evidence that red tea promotes weight loss, as it normalizes metabolic processes. Fruit acids, which the drink is rich in, speed up metabolism and promote weight loss. Tea also has a mild laxative effect and removes excess fluid from the body.
Tea contains linoleic acid, which prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques, is a good prevention of atherosclerosis. Hibiscus petals swollen under the influence of boiling water contain a large amount of pectin, which absorbs heavy metals and removes toxins from the body in case of poisoning of various origins. Petals are shown to be used for a hangover: this is how the body gets rid of toxic substances that are formed during the breakdown of alcohol much faster.
Cranberry powder The berry is an excellent remedy for the prevention of urinary tract infections, all thanks to the special substances in the composition that block bacteria on the mucous membranes and also slow down their reproduction.
Several studies have confirmed that cranberries effectively reduce the risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including one of the most common causes of death worldwide – stomach cancer. Scientists also found that cranberries reduce the concentration of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. This prevents atherosclerotic deposits on the walls of the arteries and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and chronic cerebral ischemia.
Cranberries are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants. They accelerate the breakdown of adipose tissue, block the formation of new “fat depots”, and are also considered a valuable source of fiber. Therefore, the berry is worth paying attention by those who want to lose weight or maintain the desired weight.
In addition, the fruits contain useful acids (citric, malic, succinic, and oxalic) and a large amount of pectins compared to other berries (they remove harmful substances from the body). Of the vitamins – in addition to vitamin C – you can find groups B and K1 in it.
D-Mannose This substance effectively eliminates bad bacteria from the urinary tract, restores bladder tissues, and prevents various diseases of the urogenital apparatus.
Dandelion root The benefits of dandelion root and its properties are confirmed by folk and traditional medicine. Thus, the plant:
  • has an antitumor effect;
  • fights against viral and bacterial infections, exhibits expectorant, antipyretic, antispasmodic, and tonic effect;
  • has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, removes toxins, and improves bile production;
  • has an effect in dermatovenereological pathologies;
  • fruitfully affects the work of the hematopoietic system;
  • stabilizes the nervous system, acts as a source of energy;
  • useful for the prevention of diabetes;
  • treats calluses.

Bladder Relief 911: Recommendations for Use

Bladder Relief 911 is sold in 60 soft capsules per bottle, and this is exactly a 1-month supply. That is, consumers are supposed to administer 2 capsules on a daily basis to achieve some stable results. The supplement should be taken with a glass of pure water so that it’s absorbed better. Also, Bladder Relief 911 is better to be used 15-30 minutes before or after meals (not on an empty stomach).

Purchasing the Supplement

Bladder Relief 911 is promoted by a US manufacturer through the following link. It’s available for sale both across the country and abroad. All customers have a chance to choose one of the suggested packaging options:

  • 1 bottle – $69.95 (with a small shipping fee);
  • a 2-bottle pack – $119.90;
  • a 4-bottle pack – $199.80.

In addition, all users are guaranteed full money-back. It can be claimed within 90 days of the delivery date.

Bladder Relief 911: Users’ Comments

I took it to prevent cystitis in the winter. Thanks to this supplement, I survived the cold season without pain and discomfort. The capsules are swallowed easily, the gastrointestinal tract is not irritated by them at all. Recommend!

Annabell Morgan

I bought it for my mother (59 y.o.). She says swelling goes down perfectly with Bladder Relief 911, the outflow of urine increases. Together with this supplement, she took a water-soluble extract of pumpkin seeds. She lost 12 lbs due to the withdrawal of excess fluid. So keep this product in mind if you’re concerned about swelling.

Merryn Whitmore

If you suffer from chronic cystitis as I do, Bladder Relief 911 is your salvation! It is harmless and natural. If you feel the approach of cystitis, take 2 tablets a day. For prevention, it is enough to administer 1 capsule per day. Relapses of cystitis will decrease! But do not forget to drink more water. It is best to take Bladder Relief 911 before bed so that while you sleep, D-mannose works in the bladder. But of course, consult your doctor first (maybe, you’ll get other recommendations).

Ilayda House

Despite the fact that everyone writes that Bladder Relief 911 is a women’s supplement, I bought it for my husband to improve his kidney function. In the first week of admission, he complained that he began to visit the bathroom often, then this effect disappeared. His urinalysis improved after taking this supplement. Recommend!

Mindy Davison

Great product! I finally stopped suffering from enuresis, all thanks to D-Mannose in the composition. None of the doctors prescribe this product, no one believes that this is something effective, nevertheless, my results are evident! Bladder Relief 911 is generally useful for everyone to drink it for prevention, especially in the autumn.

Levi Turner

I ordered Bladder Relief 911 for my mother (64 y.o.). She has frequent exacerbations of cystitis. This supplement is very helpful! However, it must be remembered that it mainly works against the pathogen Escherichia Coli. The supplement helps to effectively remove bacteria from the urinary tract, while it may be not that effective against other microorganisms. In any case, at the first signs of some cystitis and urethritis, I also take Bladder Relief 911, just in case; it can perfectly stop the onset of the disease.

Misty Richard

To Summarize

The following suggestions can help people with bedwetting get rid of or lessen the problem with just a change in their lifestyle. To get rid of urinary incontinence on your own, you need:

  • do pelvic-strengthening exercises daily, such as Kegel exercises. It is essential to do them correctly so as not to harm yourself. The first results will be noticeable on average in 1.5-3 months;
  • quit smoking. Smokers are more prone to colds than others, and coughing puts a strain on the muscles of the pelvic floor and increases pressure in the abdominal cavity, which provokes stress incontinence;
  • replace high-intensity training with Pilates – a system of exercises that strengthens all the main muscles of the body;
  • avoid heavy lifting;
  • eat more fiber foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains) and exercise daily to prevent constipation;
  • reduce caffeine intake – it irritates the walls of the bladder;
  • reduce alcohol consumption, as it has a diuretic effect;
  • refrain from spicy and acidic foods, as they can irritate the bladder and aggravate incontinence;
  • drink at least 7-9 glasses of water a day. The fluid restriction only worsens urinary incontinence because it reduces bladder capacity;
  • lose weight, as adipose tissue presses on the bladder.

And of course, do not avoid Bladder Relief 911! It contains only organic components beneficial for your urogenital system. The supplement can normalize urination in a matter of weeks! Try it and see for yourself!


  • Bladder Relief 911 prevents cellular damage.
  • It eliminates bad bacteria.
  • The dietary supplement restores the normal microflora of the urinary tract.
  • Bladder Relief 911 eases painful sensations during urination.
  • It promotes immunity.
  • The product alleviates an inflammatory state.
  • All users are guaranteed full money-back. It can be claimed within 90 days of the delivery date.


  • It’s sold online only!

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